Monday, July 2, 2012

Kindergarten, Anyone

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The incoming school year marks a challenging teaching stint for me. From 5th Grade to Kindergarten. At first I was sad of the new assignment trying to reconcile the feelings of demotion to challenge. It was a reflecting moment as to where did I go wrong. All the while I thought that I raised the score of the infamous California Standardized Test (CST), or was it simply a racial act as he was white and I am brown. Mind-boggling but I am taking my strides, I reckon as a professional I am eager to learn the various developmental stages of the learning growth. Wow!...So here I am trying to better understand the challenge I am facing. 

Momentarily, I have downloaded the Common Core Standards. I am exposing myself on the Kindergarten curriculum. Trying to decipher it, I am more confused. With the Pre-K in the offing, I wonder what will be my teaching assignment. Doubling the dilemma, is the fact that my boss will no longer be in the same school. Will I really be in the Kindergarten this year, or I will still be in the same grade level, 5th Grade? Questions indeed stall my brain. I do not know what to do considering the circumstance that I am in. Could I call this as "administrative malpractice" among principals in assigning teachers?  or just like me, they are "victims of the circumstance". Whatever it is, I will charge it to the saying "The only permanent in this world is change." I am sure that I did not quote the apt saying, one thing sure, you know what I mean.

Kindergarten Playground @ Lincoln Elementary School.
As for now, I am resolved at understanding what is Kindergarten. The Kindergarten context at Lincoln Elementary is typically a whole group setting of more or less twenty (20) students taught from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  I do not have the slightest idea as to what will be the learning structure like. I know that it will be dependent on the students that I will have. At least, I have the Common Core Standards. With these as the backdrop, how will I set my classroom, and how will I plan my lessons. Whatever it will be, I believe I will put PLAY as the mantra of teaching, that it is why I am having this playground as the backdrop of my teaching stint this year....Am I right? What do you think?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wow...just got into this

Lincoln Elementary School is located at 1667E, 118th
Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059. 
It was interesting to find out how outmoded and outdated I was!  I need to be in circulation now that I have discovered this great tool.

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School is a K-5 school administratively under the Compton Unified School District. I taught in this school since 2002 starting in 2nd Grade. I had six (6) years of instructional journey in 2nd Grade, three (3) in 5th Grade, and two (2) in 4th Grade.  I wonder if 2012 I will be in the Kindergarten. I am sure that it will be an interesting experience. I imagine myself in the shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his movie the "Kindergarten Teacher". I am sure it will be a roller-coaster ride!